Our friendly team offers a range of services to our clients

Examinations and Cleans

Regular check ups and cleans are very important as they reduce the risk of any dental problems which can occur. Here at Smollett St. Dental, we use the latest technologies such as intra-oral cameras, so you can see and understand exactly what is going on in your own mouth.

Cosmetic Solutions

At Smollett Street Dental, your smile is important to us. This is why we have the time to discuss all of your options. Whether you are grinding your teeth at night, want whiter teeth or want to look at veneers and crowns, we will give you our opinion and let you decide the rest.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

There are many benefits to having composite restorations; one of the main reasons being that we can closely match the colour of the existing tooth we are replacing. So whether your tooth is broken, chipped or worn, you can rest assured that with Smollett St. Dental, you have plenty of options at your disposal.


Insome cases, unfortunately teeth are unable to be restored. This could be due to severe decay, fracture or damage due to trauma. Although removing a tooth is never nice, at our practice our number one priority is to make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole procedure. You can also expect a call the following day, so we can check on how you are doing and answer any questions that you might have.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is a procedure we offer when a tooth is badly decayed or infected. This procedure is approximately 95% effective in restoring a tooth back to normal functionality. In most cases, we expect the tooth will heal to become a healthy, strong and painless part of your dentition.


Having a missing tooth, or having one removed can cause the teeth surrounding the gap to shift. Whether it be a denture, implant or a bridge, we can offer the best option that suits you. We work closely with local and national prosthetics to construct a strong, trustworthy denture which matches your existing toothshade, giving a truly natural look and feel.


There are many reasons why you should wear a mouthguard during sporting activities. Whatever your reason is, we offer a wide variety of colours - including sporting team colours! All mouthguards are customised to fit your mouth comfortably and come in sizes suiting children, teens and adults.

Children's Dentistry

Looking after your children's teeth is just as important as looking after your own! That is why at Smollett St. Dental, we offer all of the same services to children as we do to adults; and if your child has a specific need that needs to be met, we can recommend and refer you to the right specialist. With eligible children also able to be bulk billed under the Child Benefit Scheme, there is no reason not to give your child the perfect smile!